One of the Most Killer Grime Tracks of 2015 Now Has a Video, Here's AJ Tracey's "Naila"

A searing vocal over a Zeph Ellis beat, that will leave your face feeling firmly slapped

Jan 8 2016, 2:31pm

There's so much good grime music coming out at the moment, it's tough to stay abreast. Over Christmas, you had your pick of Stormzy and Chip's "Hear Dis", then some cracking war dubs firing across Twitter between Jammz and Merky Ace. And the first week of January 2016 has shown no signs of stopping, with a new politically-charged Novelist track dropping yesterday, a new Kano track featuring Giggs arriving this morning, and now this: a video to accompany AJ Tracey's 2015 smasher, "Naila".

Ladbroke Grove boy Tracey has been coming through for a while now, putting in his hours on internet radio throughout last year, and dropping two EPs in the process. "Spirit Bomb" made our grime tracks of 2015 list, for lyrics that second guess the listener from the word go, but it's "Naila" – a searing vocal recorded over the explosive "XCXD BXMB" by Zeph Ellis – that will leave your face feeling firmly slapped.

Watch the video below: