Listen to a 7-minute Long King Krule x Rejjie Snow Freestyle

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17 December 2013, 11:12am

King Krule doesn't just make music that evokes the soundscapes of riding on the N8 bus, he also raps with enough lyrical finesse to smack any Man on Road that calls himself a rapper just because he's freestyled into his mate's camera phone on the roof of a multi-story carpark. We've seen him drop bars before, a couple of YouTube videos are floating around, but this is the first time that him and long-time pal Rejjie Snow have jumped on a track together. The freestyle, which was recorded on Sicknotes Radio and sent through to us by Rejjie this morning, is another artefact from UK rap's burgeoning new jazz-influenced crew that compromises both Krule and Snow, but also Rago, Cecil B, Jesse James and Hawk House, with Sicknotes as its cornerstone.

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