Listen to a Track Inspired by Daniel Sturridge, the Hipster Footballer

It's by JMC and it's called "Sturridge Dance".

The Sturridge Dance isn't the first football celebration phenomenon, and probably won't be the last. But there's something about the way Daniel waves his arms around when he scores - a care-free swag balanced with a dose of humility - that has endeared him to footie fans around the country.

JMC's ode to Sturridge can't be credited as the first rap tune that is based on a footballer's celebration - Ruff Sqwad wrote a song about Balotelli - but is nevertheless a fun pop-rap anthem that should get a lot of airtime this summer during the World Cup when England will, obviously, make all our dreams come true. It's also the final piece of the puzzle in Sturridge's hipster transformation - you get a song dedicated to you then you know it's real.

"Sturridge Dance" is out June 29 through EGA/Island Records.