Watch Students Pose for Photos That are Actually Videos in Brunch's "Sick Maschine"

Are we not all awkward teenagers, trying not to look shit in an immortal photograph whilst looking hella silly in the actual moment?

If you joined Facebook in 2007 you're probably tagged in at least 2,000 identical pictures from university of you and your mates in a club, wearing something dayglo, 2-4-1 mixers in each hand, leaning into a group shot for the person who brought a rubbish compact camera with them on every single night out and now has 70 albums containing hundreds of photos of you in a Carnage t-shirt. This new video by London-based melody munchers Brunch for their song "Sick Maschine", which we're premiering below, is a bit like that.

The video is made up of stock footage of students who think they're posing for photographs but are actually being filmed, and the result is pretty funny. Have you ever seen what you look like holding the same awkward pose for fifteen seconds, desperate not to look shit in an immortal digital photograph whilst looking hella silly in the actual moment in real life? This video will tell you. The song is great, too!

Watch below:

Catch Brunch at The Victoria in Dalston supporting Bruising on November 23, or at the Stags Head in Hoxton on November 26th with Yama Yama.