"Don't put White Liberal Words in my Mouth" - We Speak to Mykki Blanco

Outspoken, experimental and above all else supremely self-assured, we spoke to NYC’s finest about her latest experience behind the lense of none other than Nick Knight.

Outspoken, experimental and above all else supremely self-assured. We speak to NYC’s Mykki Blanco (by way of North Carolina) about her latest experience behind the lense of none other than Nick Knight. Currently one of the faces of Nicola Formichetti’s inaugural collection for Diesel, Mykki Blanco tells us about her 2014 poised debut album release, working with Berlin’s Renaissance Man, the ideals behind her Cosmic Angel II mixtape and more. All photography by Nick Knight, as part of the #DIESELTRIBUTE campaign

Noisey: What are you looking forward to most about moving down to New Orleans to finish your album?

Mykki Blanco: Well I'm not finishing it, I'm just beginning. I've recorded 2 songs with musician/legend/innovator Tricky. I've worked on 4 songs in Berlin with producer Renaissance Man, I'm in Berlin now. I'm working with former collaborators Brenmar & Mattrixxman man again and a host of other people I've yet to begin to work with, from my past and the upcoming future. I'm from the South, I'm not from New York, New York is just where I got famous so if I'm going to work on my debut album I want to be where I'm really from to feel the closer essence of who I am.

So, Cosmic Angel II: Let Big Sister Teach You is the title of your second mixtape for 2014 what lessons can we expect to learn?

What the world, this industry and my career have taught me in the last year and half since my debut, it's time to have a message to the music and let the little brothers and sisters know we’re in this game together.

What is it about the appropriation of gay pride by the likes of Macklemore and Lady Gaga that particularly irks you?

Whoever said Macklemore and Lady Gaga irk me? Don't put white liberal words that aren't mine in my mouth. Thanks.

Soz. Tell us about your involvement in #DIESELTRIBUTE and Nicola Formichetti.

Nicola is a go getter. He's a creative hustler and I respect that, he has a strong vision in whatever he does, he asked me to be a part of the campaign and I was glad to :)

You’re working with the iconic Nick Knight on this campaign? What was the creative process like?

AMAZING. Nick Knight is a Visionary, I hope and feel that we will work together again on perhaps a video for myself coming up.

Imagine you were the leader of a sorority, what would be a mandatory initiation rite for newbies wanting to join?

Keep a diary of everything you FEAR and every 3 months, scratch something off that list.

Of the 16 or so producers you’re yet to work with for your upcoming releases, who are you most looking forward to collaborating with and why?

Oh, I don’t play favourites.

Like me, I’ve heard you’re a big smoothie lover? What’s your favourite blend?

Blueberries, Wheatgrass and Beet Juice!