Kanye West Was My Lecturer

We spoke to a guy in Kanye West's community service fashion lecture. Yeezy taught him.

Photos by Andre Pitts III

Kanye West's love of fashion is so great that he once enrolled at London's Central Saint Martins college despite the soaring fees for international students. Well, now Kanye himself has become the teacher, imparting wisdom to the masses.

Despite being one of the world's most successful College Dropouts, Kanye returned to school over the weekend. As part of his community service (we wonder how much Ye's lawyers got paid to wrangle that one), West taught at the Los Angeles Trade Technology College, speaking to a fashion class.

With photos from the class surfacing online, we spoke to one of Kanye's students for the day - Andre Pitts III - about what it was like to be taught by Yeezus himself.

Noisey: Hi Andre. How long have you been studying at LA Trade-Tech?
I've been studying at Trade Tech for almost two years. I study Visual Communications there, which is basically Graphic Design.

How long in advance had you known that Kanye was going to be teaching you?
We didn't know. None of the students were notified of his presence before hand.

Were there any security procedures in place for his visit?
We were instructed to put our bags on the floor and turn off our cell phones. The campus sheriffs were present inside and around the building too. We were able to use our phone for a brief amount of time during his speech then when it was Q&A time he told us to turn them off. My guess is because he knew he would be asked about the Illuminati.

What happened during the lecture?
It went on for about an hour and a half and Kanye discussed a lot of things but mainly about his inspirations. He mentioned Ice Cube being one of his biggest inspirations, but also one of his biggest let downs. He also discussed Steve jobs, 2Pac and his grandfather.

Not that much about fashion or graphic design then. How would you rate him as a teacher?
I've listened to Kanye since I was younger but I can't rate him as a teacher because he didn't come to teach a fashion class, he just spoke about his inspirations. He didn't try to be a teacher, he simply spoke about how life really is.

Did you get to speak to Kanye personally?
No, he didn't want to talk to anybody personally or take personal photos with anybody. There is a slim chance he will appear again considering the amount of community service hours he has but I doubt it since everyone knows now.

Were you gutted not to get a selfie with Ye?
Yeah, I feel a little disappointed I couldn't get a photo with him but I have a feeling I will see him again so I'm not that upset.

Thanks for speaking to us. Good luck with your studies.

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