Sälen's CGI Video for "So Rude" Looks Like Your Best Shroom Dreams

It's another sweet-sour pop track from the London trio, parring someone off for being a prick.

Jul 14 2017, 9:10am

The experience of the first time you take hallucinogens can unfurl in a variety of ways. Some people find happiness in the velvety fur of a flower petal while on shrooms, stroking and stroking again while sat in the garden for what feels like four seconds but is probably more like 18 minutes. Some find danger in a small crack in the ceiling, that seen during an LSD trip looks ready to crumble and rip open, tearing a hole in the space-time continuum that will swallow you up up forever. You'll be fine, honestly. And then every now and again a trip comes along, maybe when you've dabbed one of the 2Cs, that settles in for the night while you drift off to sleep and shakes your dreams up into warped versions of their usual selves.

And so to London trio Sälen's new video for their single "So Rude". Director Hugo Kent has helped turn the band into CGI versions of themselves, with singer Ellie Kamio's digitised limbs twisting at weird angles, a giant brick mobile phone spinning in the middle of nowhere and just about every scene tilted at an angle of surreality. As ever, Sälen's drum machine and breathy vocals lend the song a certain detached slickness, until you tune into the lyrics and realise Ellie is basically mugging someone off because they're not worth her time, in her typically understated way. "Nothing turns us off more than a person with bad manners," the band say of the song. "But nothing turns us on more than airy whale sounds." Fair play. Watch it all above, find out about Sälen's October UK tour here and remember to test your drugs whenever you can, thank you.

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