Berlin’s Islamiq Grrrls Capture the Intimacy and Abstraction of Heartbreak in a New Video

"You don't love me" is a haunting cross between Alice Glass’ Instagram and a Dario Argento film.

Jan 11 2017, 10:45am

Big emotions – heartbreak, loneliness, loss – can often be difficult to communicate without coming off as either too literal or too conceptual. But Berlin's Islamiq Grrrls has deftly nailed that balance in overcast, electronically-driven pop songs that cut straight to the heart of a feeling without giving too much away.

Following her self-described "sad disco" track "Yr love"  and an "Islamic Meditation Mix" for NTS Radio last year, we're premiering the new video for  "You don't love me"  below, which, aesthetically speaking, is sort of a cross between Alice Glass' Instagram and a Dario Argento film. With airy vocals and understated melodies, "You don't love me" combines the subtleties of Blonde Redhead with the abstract sexiness of 18+ in a way that's both intimate and gripping.

Give it a watch.

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