Flava D Made Us A Mixtape

Butterz are celebrating their third birthday and they gave us a mix to celebrate.

Y'know Butterz. It's the label headed by Rinse FM's Elijah and Skilliam that, in a musical landscape where the general consensus is that grime sucks and died years ago, has been quietly sticking the finger up to the scene's naysayers by nurturing some of the most exciting talent in the genre. From Terror Danjah to Royal T and now to their newest signing and somewhat of a unicorn in grime game ie. female producer Flava D, they're still killing it. So, to celebrate three years of killing it, Ms. D went out of her way to make us a mixtape to get you all lathered up for their b-day, which just so happens to be solely sounds made by the lady herself.

To pick up your ticket for Butterz birthday go here http://bit.ly/Butterzis3