Dahlia Black: “Fuck A Rap Song” Video

Blue Daisy & Hey!Zeus nail the coffins shut on grime music and inject UK hip-hop with a new lease of life.

Until now, the UK rap scene had been wrapped up in a hospital bed, hooked up to the life support of grime bloggers who will latch unto anything so long as it’s British and resembles some kind of remnant of the tour de force that Dizzee, Wretch, Devlin, et al, fucked off for a festival spot and a chart topping. The other month, on Lord of The Mics, Funky Dee sent for Sox and with that, the body-bag of a once great genre was sent off to the morgue.

Consuming corpses of the UK hip-hop's past, enters Dahlia Black - the UK rap crew fronted by Blue Daisy and long term collaborator Hey! Zeus. Despite clearly pastiching the sound currently born across the pond, Dahlia Black are at least injecting the scene with a new lease of a psychedelic, pitch black, perverted afterlife. They’ve just released this video with help from RuffMercy, the guy behind SchoolBoy Q's "There He Go" and Flying Lotus' "BNG" video with BLU. In doing so, they’ve sent out their incendiary first shot.