See This Adorable Letter a Middle Schooler in North Carolina Sent to A$AP Rocky

"I relly wish you would send me your CD because I have looked for it but cant find it.So that would be greatly apprisheated."

Courtesy Ray the Destroyer

Well, this is amazing. A nice middle schooler named Graceson from a small town in North Carolina sent a letter to A$AP Rocky earlier today, but accidentally sent it over to the Mishka offices (a mistake that, let's be honest, we'd all probably make if we were writing a letter to A$AP Rocky). We checked with Ray the Destroyer over at Mishka—who uploaded it to his Instagram—and he ensures that it's legit, telling us that he has "the entire thing, envelope and all" in his pocket.

Shouts to Graceson for everything he knows, including that Rocky was arested for beating a man in a clothing store. Dude really is his number one fan. How often do you think he checks Worldstar?