Applebottom: "Sex, Drugs, Cash"

Our video guy says that this is "a banger".

When we showed the above clip to our video guy Phil, he categorically stated that it is "a banger". If you're not happy with taking a stranger's word for it, then click above, and try to argue with someone you've never met, will never meet, and only exists as a name on a screen. Essentially, it's a four-to-the-floor hype-track that sounds like all of the best parts of the clubnights that you're not cool enough to be invited to. Or the playlist that should be on your iPod if you really want to succeed and spend more than twenty minutes on the "calorie burner" setting at the gym. Basically, it's hip-house, which is the best house and it's all been created by 19-year old Bristolian talent Applebottom, who's received support from the likes of Annie Mac, B Traits and Skream.

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