Relentless All-Rounder Amandla Stenberg Remade Mac DeMarco's "Let My Baby Stay"

It might even be better than the original (sorry Mac).

May 11 2017, 9:52am

At this point, there is very little that Amandla Stenberg cannot do. Acting? Smashed it. Activism and advocacy? Being a violin prodigy? Yep, and yep. And today, with the release of a cover of Mac DeMarco's "Let My Baby Stay," which will appear on the soundtrack of their new film Everything Everything (released in the US on 19 May), they're once again proving that at the tender age of 18, they are, to use the parlance of the times, killin' it.

Amandla's version of the track is a smoother ride than the original (jog your memory of it here), replacing its acoustic guitar with lilting synths, and transforming it into a tender R&B jam, with a music video that celebrates diversity with a borderline annoying level of sleekness and style.

It's their first musical output since Honeywater (the duo in which they played the violin) a couple of years ago. Hopefully means that along with all their other endeavours (how does it feel to know that an 18-year-old has way more endeavours than you, by the way?), they'll also be dominating music pretty soon too. Might as well accept it: it's Amandla's world, we just live in it.

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(Image via YouTube)