Danish Four Piece LISS Continue To Paint The World Gorgeous On Their Second Single "Always"

You need to hear their frontman's voice.

Oct 1 2015, 4:10pm

The socks'n'sandals are a hugely underrated combo. Once seen in the realm of your Larry David's and your fanny-pack wearin', mobility scooter ridin' tourists, the one-two-pair has returned with a vengeance in recent years. Jeremy Corbyn was seen rocking the majestic sock'n'sandal in a press shot reminscent of the Drake lyric "chilling with no make up on" the other week; Skepta undoubtedly has a mountain of Adidas sliders on deck; and now this - the latest press shot from LISS, which features four gorgeous lads and one mighty pair of footwear. That's not all though. The band have just released the follow-up single to their debut track "Try" which is equally, and perhaps more importantly, worthy of as much widespread recognition.

"Always" is the Danish group's second single and acts as the more mellow cousin to debut single "Try". Where "Try" is a fantasia that's been brushed with youthful exuberance, stating boldly "I try to be the man that you adore", "Always" feels like the moment after the flash of liquid love has run out and our young four-piece are on the boat back to Denmark, contemplating what's happened, asking for one more night, then continuing to extol their devotion to the subject in hand.

Listen and check out where you can see LISS on their recently announced UK tour below:

2nd November - Eagle Inn, Manchester
3rd November - Crofters Rights, Bristol
4th November - Electrowerkz, London
Tickets available from dice.fm/liss

"Try" and "Always" will be released as a limited edition single through Escho on November 27.

Pre-order 7" UK: www.roughtrade.com/albums/98061
Pre-order 7" DK: escho.bigcartel.com/product/esc60