Light Up a Thousand Candles in Mahoney's Video For "Suffocating"

Life is strange.

17 November 2015, 12:00pm

Life is strange. One minute you're riding on the high of a rollercoaster, twisting and turning through experiences, the next you're rattling down to a concrete abyss, wondering exactly what's happened and trying to pick up the pieces. The writer and famed drug user Hunter S. Thomson once said that "there's no such thing as paranoia - your worst fears can come true at any moment". And he's right. Life can unwantingly break into tiny fragments of intangible moments from one day to the next.

We're not sure exactly what happened to UK artist Mahoney, but he tells us that "certain things happened in [his] life which greatly changed [his] perceptions and the way [he] percieved the world". As a result, "Suffocating" is his debut single under his real name, rather than an alias. It's the first track Mahoney wrote without the use of paper, "drawing experiences and emotions straight from [his] thoughts so they were unfiltered". The result shows. Backed with production from E.lementaL, it's an affecting track; seeped in solitude and the snatches of time that are neither here or nor there spent pondering on reality and the things that happen to us when we're least expecting it. There's also hella candles in the video, which is nice too.

Video shot by: @AlexFrancesXTUX

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