James Vincent McMorrow: "Cavalier"

What? This track charts a new direction for the singer-songwriter.

Oct 15 2013, 9:00am

James Vincent McMorrow is probably best known for creating the sort of music that is accessible to both your Nan and your younger sister. But not for much longer. His second record, Post Tropical, drops on January 13, and it shows that he hasn't become trapped by his previous success. Album opener, and new single "Cavalier"—which we have an exclusive premiere of—reveals a new direction. James states: "I wanted to give this record the feel and movement of the hip-hop records that I love". His haunting vocals and immediately recognisable falsetto are contrasted with an undercurrent of layered beats, and the overall effect is breahtaking. "I remember my first love", he sings again and again. Well, James, you're probably not ours. But perhaps you can be our second.