Is Kanye West About to Drop an Eight-Track Album?

Yeezy season approachin', fuck whatever y'all been hearing.

Feb 4 2014, 10:00am

You can say whatever you like about Kanye West but it cannot be argued that while you’re sat in your pants eating Doritos and typing vitriol into a comment section, he’s busy being one of the most hardworking motherfuckers on the planet. Dude has produced over 70 singles, birthed a human, and still found time to make six of the greatest records ever made. And people still wonder why we write about him on Noisey all the time.

It’s been about a minute since he put out Yeezus, an experimental interrobang of a record that stoked the fire of the music press for at least eight months, resulting in memes, think-pieces, interviews, a cryptocurrency, and a religion. And it may be about a minute until he does it all over again.


Probably. The last time we predicted something, the release of Jai Paul’s ~debut~ record, we got it right. But this is Kanye and we still haven’t seen the release of Cruel Winter, Watch The Throne 2, or that Summer school that him and Spike Jonze planned soooooo…. let’s say that it won’t definitely happen but if it does, we’ll take all the credit.


Rumours of a follow-up to Yeezus started floating around late last year when it was announced that Rick Rubin scrapped half of the tracks off the original record. Some people expected a Yeezus Part 2, but when quizzed about it on Power 99, Kanye responded – “I haven’t named my album. But I have started on it.”

He then started talking on other radio shows about his new record. In an interview with Renada Romain on Sirius XFM he announced “I’m going to drop a new album, next Summer”.

Of course, just because Kanye says it, doesn’t mean it’s true. But late November, Q-Tip appeared in an interview with Elliot Wilson where he just happened to announce that ummmm, he was producing Kanye’s next record! And Elliot Wilson just stared blankly at him like Tip announced some mediocre thing like that he likes fried eggs in the morning. And people call him the greatest rap journalist of all time IDK? #NoDisrespectToElliotWilson #AllDisrespectToHisListening

This roll-out of information continued throughout the latter end of December, with Kanye announcing, during a talk at Miami’s Art Basel, that his next record would be “just eight songs”.

And then, in the final tidbit of information from 2013, Chicago production duo Da Internz claimed that Kanye had asked them to send him a folder full of beats. Presumably, this wasn’t just because he needed something new to bump on his fifteenth generation iPod.


In an interview with Rolling Stone, published January 8, 2014, French Montana referred to Kanye West stating “We're supposed to be working on a couple of songs together for his album. He got a special project coming out.” Then a day later DJ Folk tweeted this.

If you’re wondering who the fuck DJ Folk is, he’s the mastermind behind Young Jeezy’s Trappin’ Ain’t Dead and has worked on a bunch of records from Tha Carter IV to helping build the career of Big K.R.I.T. And in case you’re wondering how the fuck DJ Folk is a relevant source to a new Kanye album, he’s the dude who leaked the first high quality Watch The Throne artwork.

DJ Folk’s tweet was followed up last week by a couple from Malik Yusef, Kanye’s boy from Chicago.

And Malik Yusef’s tweet was then followed up with the above Instagram photo from Mike Dean, the dude who’s worked with Kanye on almost everything.

And lastly, a couple of days ago a photo of Kanye West and Chief Keef appeared on Instagram (since deleted), reportedly working on Keef’s Bang 3 tape. Kanye and Sosa collaborated on Yeezus cut “Hold My Liquor” and they could also be working on material for Kanye’s solo record, too. Shout out to Kanye and Keef for hanging out how me and my boys hang out, with a bottle of ketchup, personal laptops, and soft drinks.


Let’s all cross our fingers and hope and hope and hope and hope. Yeezy Season Approachin’.

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