Charli XCX: “You (Ha Ha Ha)"

Goddess of Tumblr and sassy love rants Charli XCX offers up a new track.

18 December 2012, 1:52pm

Unnnnghh, I fucking love Charli XCX, she’s by far my favourite Tumblr-babe out of the Brooke Candy/ Kitty Pryde glitterati set. Her Super Ultra mixtape was probably one of the best of the year (IMO) and this is the most recent offering from the West London ex-rave kid. Another sassy love song about being great and in love and then having someone else fuck it up.

I think she probably gets the whole pop/ weird crossover better than most, which is why she’s great, and her voice is a sort of delicate garage-come-pop one, which could be sampled forever and still sound pretty. AND, to top it off, her descriptions of her songs are the best:

Part of the record is super mystical and sparkling, part of it sounds like the internet spewing in your headphones and part of it is like melancholic angels. It’s an angel-pop record. Everything on the album is a pop song, but just twisted in my own magic way.

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