We're Helping H&M Throw a Bunch of Free Parties with Free Drinks

In partnership with H&M, we're throwing parties with Shorebitch, Margarita Louca, Rough Trade, Annie Oh, and Nasty McQuad.

Jul 9 2015, 1:18pm

Recently, H&M came to us saying, “Noisey, we want to throw a party to celebrate our new pop-up space at London’s Truman Brewery, can you depart some of your esteemed knowledge and give us some guidance on how to throw a properly decent one?” - to which we said, “sure thing babes”.

First of all we told them they needed to throw not one, but six parties and that we’d DJ at the one on the 13th August - Nasty McQuaid (23/07), Annie Oh (06/08), Shorebitch (20/8), Margarita Louca (27/08) and Rough Trade (02/09), will play the other dates respectively. Then we told them they needed to supply some free booze because all the best parties have free drink – duh!

Obviously it’s a pop-up shop so you can shop 'til you drop while you drop it like it’s hot and blame the reckless spending into your overdraft on the free alcohol. If you’re super strapped for cash – let’s face it, as Londoners we’re all broke as a joke – then everyone that shows up will be in with a chance to win a £200 voucher for H&M; so you can get yourself a new outfit or buy presents for everyone you know (yeah right). If nothing else it’s a reasonable excuse to get messy on a Thursday evening whilst we DJ some music (probably some A$AP Rocky, potentially some Drake) at you.

Sign-up for the next event (Margarita Louca on August 27th) is below, and spaces are limited (so make sure you get the confirmation email). Each ticket gets in you +1. Entry is first come first serve, and confirmation emails are sent separately. Make sure you get down early to get in!

Once you’ve sorted that out, you can find the H&M pop-up store at The Old Truman Brewery Unit 8 Dray Walk, London E1 6QL, open 11am-7pm every day from the 23rd of July until the 2nd September.