PREMIERE: Rat Boy - "Sign On"

Rat Boy was fired from Wetherspoons for serving someone a raw burger. Now he's making songs that recall early Jamie T and the best of Britain's suburban songwriters.

Apr 15 2015, 10:05am

Rat Boy is representative of today's deadbeat, stuck in the middle, post-millenial teenagers. After leaving school to work at a Wetherspoons in Chelmsford - where he was fired for serving someone a raw burger - he sat around at home teaching himself how to use Logic on his mum's computer. He recorded The Mixtape EP, played a show for VICE at the Old Blue Last, and signed with Hometown Records, the independent label headed up by Radio One's Phil Taggart.

"Sign On" is his latest track. We're streaming it above and it's basically a state-of-the-nation anthem for everyone else whose been in a similar position to Ratboy - which, judging from the coalition government, is pretty much everyone born after 1992. Co-produced by James Dring, who worked on Gorillaz second record Demon Days, the track gives the sense that Rat Boy is the next in the lineage of Ian Dury, Mike Skinner, and Jamie T. Plus it sounds incredible in today's blazing sunshine.

"Sign On" is released June 1 on Hometown Records. Purchase it for your musical collection here.