GFOTY'S iMessage Review Of Field Day 2015

"I'm with To chew. Tin heartier. Tinchee strider."

08 June 2015, 10:41am

You know GFOTY aka Girlfriend Of The Year aka PC Music's resident Basic Instinct bitch. She's the one who writes songs about boning hot guys and getting drunk in a Bentley, the one who described her label as "the white Odd Future" and got the name "Milford Tightner" tattooed on her butt because she had a dream she'd molested someone called that when she was 12.

For reasons still unbeknown to the world, GFOTY was not booked to play at this year's Field Day festival despite some of her PC Music labelmates being invited. So unpeturbed she agreed to review the whole thing for Noisey, via iMessage. This is how that went.

We weren't sure "balls deep in the moshpit" was the right pay off for this review so today we tried to do some *journalism* and finish this off with some rousing final thoughts but GFOTY kept ignoring our texts (and DMs and phonecalls) because she sleeps in till 1pm everyday. Eventually we got a reply:

GFOTY is worse than the worst Kardashian (Rob) but sometimes she gets too much. Part of this conversation has been taken out because it’s fucking awful. It shouldn't have been published in its original version.

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