Premiere: Bo Rocha - "Angel Eyes"

There’s no room for sympathy or mercy on this track; it’s about being a bad bitch.

Apr 21 2015, 9:07am

London vocalist and producer Bo Rocha kind of appeared from nowhere when her debut track, "Tangerine Flake", premiered on The Fader in February. Where that driving-inspired song revolved around "smooth digital textures and pepperings of sharp but delicate percussion", her new track cranks the heat up to the max and basks in the furnace. Just feast your ears on "Angel Eyes", which we’re premiering below:

Put together with a heavy and foggy beat, droning synths and massive vocals, “Angel Eyes” takes all your senses firmly in its hands and gives them a good, sensual shake. These days it can be easy for electronic leaning pop to melt into the background, but in an increasingly pedestrian landscape this banger is making eye contact with you the second it walks through the door.

Bo says: “There’s no room for sympathy or mercy in 'Angel Eyes'. It’s the driving seat, it’s taking charge, it’s expressing explicitly without insecurity. It’s about being a bad bitch.” We can drink to that.

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