Is Spooky Black Going to Takeover the R&B Game?

Lil Spook just dropped his second album of other-worldly comedown'n'cuddle music in less than six months.

Aug 12 2014, 10:09am

Music makes the most sense when you're stumbling across an unstable emotional plateau. It intertwines into your being, seemingly locking into your thoughts and spirit, convincing you that it was created for this very moment, this feeling in your stomach, that niggling thing that makes you question your entire existence.

Spooky Black is one artist whose music can transcend time, place, and situation, connecting directly with unwatered down emotion. It doesn't matter that he isn't singing directly about the thought quagmire in your brain; you only need to put on Black Silk and let it wash over you like an aural comfort blanket.

You can dive into tracks like "Without You", "Can I Make U Mine" and "We Were Together Once" for hours at a time, not thinking about anything but feeling everything. The thing is, Black Silk came out a few months ago. And while it's good, we've been needing to drown ourselves in new material from the teenage singer for a while, wanting to lose ourselves even further into his world.

Today - Tuesday the 12 August - that day has come. After teasing us with the excellent "Reason" (produced by the guys who have worked with The Weeknd), Spook dropped his second album/EP/whatever the fuck you want to define it as, this morning. Take a listen above.

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