Astral Pattern: "Faraway" (Official Video)

The former S.C.U.M. members return with a new band and a new video.

S.C.U.M. were one of the most underrated bands of the past few years. Their debut record Again Into Eyes was a frightening experiment into melody and sound that sits happily alongside the noisy lullabies of The Velvet Underground and The Horrors. Now, from S.C.U.M.'s ashes comes Astral Pattern. The new band are lighter, not just by two members, after the departure of singer Tom Cohen and keyboardist Sam Kilcoyne, but sonically too. Their forthcoming Light Poems EP shows the group in a sunnier mood, with warm major harmonies and analogue synths set off in pollination patterns.

This is their new video for "Faraway", premiering on You Need To Hear This.

You can pre-order the EP from iTunes or Rough Trade