​This is The Only Election Song You Need

... and it's shutdown.

Jun 2 2017, 10:01am

Cast your eyes upon the lush fields of the internet, look upon its flourishing agriculture, then ask yourself this: have you ever seen something perfect, magical and pertinent, and beautifully resonant with every word humanity uses when describing something found on the internet?

Perhaps you have. But forget what you knew last week, or last year, or five minutes ago when you were avoiding whatever task you were supposed to be doing and focus on this, because it is all you need in this moment. The election; bashing the Tories; the shouting taxi man who does political videos; grime – they've all come together for this readily shareable party, created by Stan The Golden Boy, which has been shared by all the correct famous people who use Twitter.

Like finding a diamond in one of those fishing pools they have at Legoland, this is a rare piece of content. Press play below and share it with everyone you know in the hope we can shift the tectonic plates of reality and through shared thought make something good and human happen on 8 June.