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Wax Trax! Records’ Julia Nash Ranks Her Ten Favorite Releases

The daughter of founder Jim Nash orders the Chicago label’s expansive catalogue ahead of her new documentary 'Industrial Accident: The Story of Wax Trax! Records.'
Josh Terry
Remembering Things

20 Years After "No Scrubs," We Look Back at the Song's Best (and Worst) Covers

The TLC track topped the charts two decades ago this week – since then artists of all stripes have offered up their takes.
Bonnie Stiernberg

Seattle's Fight to Save The Showbox, Its Most Important Venue

Artists like Pearl Jam and Duke Ellington once graced its stage. Now activists are trying to save it from demolition.
Alex Coffey

At the Top of the Rock and the End of the World with PUP

With 'Morbid Stuff,' the Toronto band made the best album of their career. Too bad we're all gonna die.
Dan Ozzi
independent venues

When Beloved Live Music Venues Come Back from the Dead

We spoke to the team behind The Jago, once known as Passing Clouds, about how to keep a community music space alive.
Precious Adesina
Important Questions Raised By...

Exploring the Actual Science Behind Why Music Makes Us Feel Good

From the calming frequencies, to dopamine released when we hear our favourite tracks, can music really heal us? Or is that bullshit?
Daisy Jones

Gaspar Noé’s 'Climax' Is Every Raver’s Worst Nightmare

The director opens up about the film's stellar soundtrack—featuring cathartic cuts from Aphex Twin and Daft Punk—and the ways a beautiful night out can turn really dark.
Sandra Song

Little Simz Turned Confusion into Her Bravest Work So Far

The 25-year-old Londoner tells us about her new album 'Grey Area,' and finding strength in its vulnerability.
Tshepo Mokoena
Get a Life

Step into the Ring with Boxing Superfan Jenny Lewis

We talked to the singer about how a head injury led her to develop an obsession with boxing.
Mark Ortega

TV's 'Golden Age' Has an Extra Meaning for Indie Musicians

How artists like Julia Holter and Ezra Furman tap into new creative (and monetary) options during the wild west of the streaming age.
Al Horner
Noisey Guide To

A Guide to Harry Nilsson, Who You've Loved Forever Without Knowing It

The songwriting savant has brought us a lot more than “Gotta Get Up” from 'Russian Doll.' From 60s pop to 70 decadence, here’s a primer.
Zach Schonfeld
Remembering Things

Without Bloc Party There'd Be No Skrillex, HARD Parties or EDM

We speak to Steve Aoki, and other musicians and promoters from the time, about how nu rave pretty much gave America pop-dance music.
Daniel Dylan Wray