Kate Boy is Back with an Untamed Electro-Resurrection of "A Girl Like You"

The Aussie/Swedish electro-pop duo has Frankenstein'ed a 90's Edwyn Collins track into a hard-thumping, fist-pumping beast.

Last time we told you about Kate Boy, we were pumping our fists and bouncing up and down like kids off their ADHD-medication in an inflatable party castle to the sound of their energetic and visceral "Midnight Sun". Now they're back, they're kicking off their European tour, and they're blasting their fiery brand of electro-pop more relentlessly than ever before.

Their newest track is a hard-hitting electro-teardown of the classic 90's Edwyn Collins track "A Girl Like You" - and where to even begin? In a word - it's wicked. In more words, if we're assuming Edwyn wanted to court this "girl" that was allegedly unlike anyone he'd ever met before, Kate Boy's vibe is more wanting to stalk and murder that girl. Which makes for some hella good electronica.

The synthy beats are as deep and direct as ever, and lead singer Kate Akhurst's vocals have dropped to viciously chilling depths. Depths that can best be described as having something of a female Marilyn Mansonish vibe, or sounding like a nefarious cyborg-Madonna, created to hypnotically sing in the technopocalypse. It's the kind of stuff you'd expect to be thumping in Batman villain Bane's lair, as he lumbers towards you in slow-motion.

You can check out their tour dates and get more info here.