Lucy Dacus Is Paranoid, In Pain, and Writing Great Indie Songs By Accident

We talk to the rising Virginia songstress about nihilism, queerness, and getting heavy on her knockout second album, 'Historian.'
Rebecca Haithcoat
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Danica Roem Is Now the First Openly Transgender State Lawmaker

Danica Roem represents progress, and she also happens to be a metal singer.
Lauren O'Neill
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Dave Matthews Band Respond to Charlottesville Terror Attack

"Hate speech disguised as free speech is cowardly and shameful[...] There is nothing pure, acceptable, or philosophical about Nazism, or racism masked as heritage."
Alex Robert Ross

This Trans Metalhead Stepmom Is Making a Historic Run for Office in Virginia

Danica Roem is not only the first transgender person to run for the Virginia House of Delegates​—she’s also the first member of a metal band to do so.
Kim Kelly

Darkest Hour Stick to Their Guns on Their Ferocious New Album

Stream the DC melodeath/metalcore stalwarts' ripping Southern Lord debut, 'Godless Prophets & the Migrant Flora'
Phil Witmer
Firsties and Faves

Sliding Past the "Cha Cha," D.R.A.M. Just Keeps Getting Better

The Virginia rapper shares some stories about growing up in advance of his 'Gahdamn' EP coming out tomorrow.
Kyle Kramer
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Adorable Baby D.R.A.M. Grows into Lovable Adult D.R.A.M. in the Video for "$" Featuring Donnie Trumpet

The Virginia rapper heads home in preparation for his 'Gahdamn' EP.
Kyle Kramer

Masego's Cooking in the Jazz Bando: Get Familiar with Trap House Jazz

"They were just like play some John Coltrane and get in the corner. But that’s just not how I work."
Tara Mahadevan

PREMIERE: Listen to Winstons' Manic Ode to Devotion "Do My Best"

The Brooklyn garage-soul duo make the kind of no-frills rock n roll that's best enjoyed live.
Andrea Domanick
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Windhand Smolder on Woofer-Quaking New Single, "Crypt Key"

The Richmond doom sextet release a video single from their forthcoming LP, 'Grief's Infernal Flower.'
Noisey Staff
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Meet D.R.A.M., the Virginia Artist Who Stopped Following the Rules of Rap and Had One Epic Summer

The fascinatingly melodic Hampton rapper shares his story and a new song, "iBG2U."
Lawrence Burney