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1 Dead, 3 in Critical Condition After Bus Hits Fans at Dutch Festival

Local police have confirmed that a suspect is in custody. It's still not clear if the collision was intentional or not.
Alex Robert Ross

When Metal Festivals Get Political, It Feels Like Utopia

This year's edition of beloved Dutch metal fest Roadburn was about something bigger than music, which only added to its magic.
Kim Kelly
Scene Reports

Utrecht’s Black Metal Scene Exposes Its Progressive Character

With a DIY mentality and a diverse and robust musical output, the Dutch city's black meal scene is steadily growing in stature, and rightly so.
Luís Peña Pires

24-Hour Clubs Can Totally Transform a City, Both For Better and For Worse

In Amsterdam, one of the party capital sof the world reckons with the socio-economic challenges of 24-hour nightlife.
Timo Koren

Celebrate Friday the 13th with Ggu:ll's Terrifying Drone-Laced Doom

Stream 'Dwaling,' the mind-crushing debut from this Dutch doom crew, and keep an ear out for an appearance from The Devil's Blood's Farida Lemouchi.
Kim Kelly

Dutch Post-Punks Gold Talk Emojis, Optimism, and Recovering from The Devil's Blood

"Someone described our album as 'Silver-lining darkness' and that's what it is. It's dark, it's draining music, but there is hope surrounding it.”
Festivals 2015

Scenes from Incubate 2015, the Netherlands's Most Wildly Diverse Music Festival

Revel in the madness and magic of Incubate with this photo gallery of highlights from the eclectic Dutch festival.
Kim Kelly

PREMIERE: Stream Dutch Black Metal Innovators Terzij de Horde's "Absence"

Seriously, though, why is Dutch black metal so frickin' awesome?
Kim Kelly