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Hey Record Nerds: High Definition Vinyl Is Gonna Be a Thing Very Soon

Hold on to your extremely good quality headphones!!!!
Lauren O'Neill
The 2017 Music Issue

Behind the Cover of Our 2017 Music Issue

New York photographer Darin Mickey provided us with a bit of existentialism.
Darin Mickey
The Noisey Guide to

How to Sell Your Old Vinyl and Not Get Screwed

Your old records may not be worth as much as you'd hoped, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't cash in on the vinyl resurgence.
Eduardo Cepeda
Internet Exploring

Flip Through Jeff Buckley's Extensive (and Very Good) Record Collection

Get a better portrait of the artist through his hundreds of albums.
Noisey Staff
Internet Exploring

In Things We Already Knew, People Who Buy Vinyl Don't Actually Listen to Them

Adele's new album probably sounds great on vinyl, but you probably haven't played it.
Byron Yan
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Yay Canada! Justin Bieber Is The First Artist to Hit 10 Billion Views on Vevo

Take that Shania!
Byron Yan
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Travel Back to When Soviet Hipsters Risked Jail Time for Jazz in 'X Ray Audio: The Documentary'

Explore the strange story of Soviet music on the bone in a new documentary from Stephen Coates and Paul Heartfield.
Kim Kelly

Saying Goodbye to New Music Tuesdays: A Day of Remembrance for a Day That Didn't Really Matter

The day of the week an album comes out is an arbitrary thing to care about, but, hey, we care about all kinds of dumb things.
Al Shipley
An Open Letter to

Getting Rid of Your Vinyl Forever? Here's a Cookie

Vinyl maybe a trend to some, but it's a way of life to others.
Neill Jameson

Ghost Hunters: Lilacs & Champagne Talk Samples and Rewrite History With Their Music

Go step by step with the also members of Om, Grails and more, delving into the samples that made their latest LP.
Jonah Bayer

Record Store Day Is Lame

When did selling music become all about making money?
Some Fucking Dork
Longreads Or Whatever

Repressed: How Independent Artists and Labels Are Getting Squeezed Out by the “Vinyl Revival”

Record sales have risen 900 percent over the last decade. So why is that bad?
Mike Campbell