These Photos Capture the Colorful Joy of France's 90s Rave Scene

In his new book, photographer Olivier Degorce revisits the vanguardist decade of the French club scene. It’s an intimate and fleeting look into the golden age of European techno.
Marc-Aurèle Baly

Why Has Fatboy Slim Invited Me To His House To Eat Paper?

He’s been DJing for more than two decades, so we talked about a lot besides that.
Oobah Butler
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Montreal's Thomas Von Party Was Raised to Rave

The one-man party takes us around his hometown on the first day of Piknic Electronik
Darcy MacDonald
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We Went For A Ride On Calgary’s Techno Transformer The BassBus

It's not about the destination, but how hard you party on the journey.
Jibril Yassin
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Watch Hundreds of People Dance in the Streets of David Bowie's Hometown in Tribute

It’s a strange thing when sadness turns into a party – the air was as full of confused tears as it was the sound of bottles clinking and crackly sound-systems blaring “Let’s Dance.”
Angus Harrison
Longreads Or Whatever

London City Warlord: An Interview With Riko Dan

Grime is a flat circle.
Ezra Marcus

Groundislava Shares A "2 On" Remix, Talks Trance, Sci-Fi, and WeDidIt Thirst

"The older I get, I just want to play trance."
Ezra Marcus
Objectively Correct Lists

The Noisey Guide to Becoming a True Rave Master™

Important terms, tips, and tricks you'll need to know at your very first rave!
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When It Rains It PLURs: Portraits from Electric Daisy Carnival New York

“I don't want to touch anyone. There’s like a slime, a real new kind of filth on everyone now. We’re elbow to asshole here.”

10 Rave Classics That Took the Pop Charts

Long before anybody called it EDM, these jams were all over the radio dial.
Max Pearl