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Bad Bunny Lays Claim to Christmas, Releases Debut Album 'X100PRE'

Drake and Diplo both feature on the Puerto Rican rapper's first LP.
Alex Robert Ross

Hurray for the Riff Raff Makes Feminist Murder Ballads for Today's America

Raised in a Puerto Rican family in the Bronx, Alynda Segarra is here to remind you that Americana is for all Americans. Catch her at Noisey's Emerge Impact + Music fest in April.
Noah Berlatsky
Noisey News

Pitbull, a Saint, Is Lending His Plane to Help Puerto Rican Cancer Patients

Mr. Worldwide extended a helping hand in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria.
Lauren O'Neill
ok, wow

Why a Spanglish Reggaeton Pop Remix Is Now Nearly As Big As the "Macarena"

I'm clearly not the only one who's played Daddy Yankee and Luis Fonsi's "Despacito" remix (with Bieber) more times than I'd publicly disclose.
Emma Garland

ÌFÉ Synthesizes Shamanistic Powers with Contemporary Dancehall

Watch his new video for "House of Love," and read our conversation about initiating into a declining Yoruban tradition, and promoting his faith through music.
Zach Goldbaum

Romeo Santos Da Gawd: How the King of Bachata Has Become a Crossover Pop Icon on His Own Terms

Tonight's inaugural Latin American Music Awards offer another career benchmark for the King of Bachata, but his role as a Latin pop star crossing over on his own terms is already well-established.
Isabela Raygoza

Watch the Video for "Mañana" by Álvaro Díaz, Puerto Rican Hip-Hop's New Star

Up until three years ago, Puerto Rico didn't have a hip hop scene. Enter 25-year-old rapper Álvaro Díaz and his crew, Lv Ciudvd.
Lucas Vernon

Ingest Some Visual Ipecac with Puerto Rican Garage Punks Los Vigilantes' NSFW New Video

Watch a gnarly new video from Puerto Rican garage punks Los Vigilantes and find out where they found those syringes.
Jhoni Jackson

Campo-Formio Combines Surf, Prog, Punk, Hosery as Headwear, Shady Cash Deals, Fistfights, Guns for New Video

Check out the new video by this Puerto Rican band for the first time here at Noisey
Sarina Bloodgood