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Spotify Is Getting a Little Better at Crediting Artists and Songwriters

This week has seen royalty amounts rise, and production and songwriting credits added to the streaming service's desktop iteration.
Lauren O'Neill

How Much Money Do Canadian Rappers Really Make?

We spent a very long year surveying hip-hop workers across the country. Here are the results.
Devin Pacholik

Classixx Are Guyys Who Make Slapperzz

The LA electronic duo's Michael David explains the value of smooth jazz, and breaks down their new album 'Faraway Reach' from A to XYZ.
Peter Holslin

Sexism, Deceit, and Power: The Corrupt Mechanics Behind Modern Pop Music

A conversation about the murky values of the music industry with John Seabrook, author of 'The Song Machine: Inside the Hit Factory'.
Moya Lothian-McLean
Longreads Or Whatever

The Story of FruityLoops: How a Belgian Porno Game Company Employee Changed Modern Music

Soulja Boy, Sonny Digital, 9th Wonder, and other producers discuss the influence of the program that went from a porn game company coder's side project to a building block of the sound of modern music.
Reed Jackson

This Good-Ass Ambient Music Belongs in a Museum, and LA's MOCA Is Doing Exactly That

LA producer Anenon is brining local musicians to MOCA's galleries for a year of live performances. Listen to the premiere of his new song "Mouth" for a taste of what's to come.
Andrea Domanick
Internet Exploring

We Talked to the Geniuses Behind the Candy-Painted Leon Bridges Remix Album, 'Coming Home to Texas'

Brooklyn producer MICK oversaw a Houston rap-themed rework of the soul revivalist's beloved album, featuring producers from around the country and new verses from Bun B and Slim Thug.
Brandon Caldwell

What the Hell Has Mike WiLL Been Making?

After a year spent mostly out of the spotlight, the Atlanta producer is ready to release a mixtape called 'Ransom.' We talked to him about his relationship with Makonnen and what Miley Cyrus meant for pop music.
Kyle Kramer

From Viola Trills to Chicago Drill, Meet D. Brooks Exclusive, the Hip-Hop Producer with a Classical Ear

The producer, who's rubbed shoulders with both the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and some of the hardest drill rappers in Chicago, breaks down his best beats.
Tara Mahadevan

Here's What Chad Hugo's Been Up to Lately

The legendary—and legendarily elusive—producer speaks.
Daniel Kohn

The Ottawa Beat League Keeps the Heart of the City Beating

Eager to be known as more than just a politics town, Ottawa producers are bunching together.
Calum Slingerland

Producer Joe Chiccarelli Isn't Just a Legend, He's Also the Unlikely Connection Between Morrissey, U2, and Oxbow

He's produced for literally everyone, and these days he's pitching in on a long-awaited avant garde metal album.
Matthew Harper