Kanye West Vs. Fame

Paul Thompson

Kurt Vile Is All Greased Up

The Philadelphia musician speaks on his new album ‘Bottle It In,’ meeting Neil Young, computers, Donald Trump’s bullshit, staring age 40 down, a mental breakdown, and whatever the hell his future holds.
Eric Sundermann

To Iceage, With Love

The Danish group's new album 'Beyondless' is wonderful. Fuck the facts, Iceage are the greatest rock and roll band in the world.
Zachary Lipez

The Dollars and Desperation Silencing #MeToo in Music

Sexual misconduct is built into the foundation of the music industry. Our data and the stories of over two dozen women show how culture and labor conditions create a perfect storm for abuse.
Andrea Domanick

The Impossible Tale of 03 Greedo, the Future of West Coast Rap

The rapper's incredible potential has made him one of Los Angeles' most enigmatic artists, but his complicated history could cause his future to be in question.
Torii MacAdams
Longreads Or Whatever

Noisey Reads: Catch Up on Some of Our Favorite Stories of 2016

All the stories you might've missed this year.
Noisey Staff
Longreads Or Whatever

Second Impressions of Protomartyr

With the release of 'The Agent Intelligent' earlier this year, the Detroit band's experienced the most success of their career. After 2015, what is next?
Zachary Lipez
Longreads Or Whatever

Noisey Longreads: Catch Up on Some of Our Favourite Stories of 2015

Catch up on some of the best stories while avoiding small talk with your loved ones.
Noisey Staff
Longreads Or Whatever

Fell Asleep and Forgot to Die: Mac Miller's Good Morning

The rapper's got a new home in a new zip code, a new album and record deal, and a new lease on life.
Craig Jenkins
2005 week

We Want the Airwaves: An Oral History of LA’s Indie 103.1, Commercial Radio’s Greatest Failed Experiment

A decade after its heyday, Indie's legacy stands as a last-ditch effort to revive commercial alternative radio.
Liz Ohanesian
Longreads Or Whatever

Algiers: Too Good to Fail

As the Matador band heads out on tour after their self-titled debut earlier this year, we attempt to get inside the band that, honestly, sounds like no one except themselves.
Zachary Lipez
Longreads Or Whatever

Ready to Die: Three Days of Drugs and Disintegration with The Grateful Dead

Over the Fourth of July, America's quintessential band said farewell. We spent those days embedded with Deadheads, exploring our dreams and doing acid. This is what happened.
Jeff Weiss