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The Story of the Lebron James and Kevin Durant Song That Didn't Need to Exist

Anyways, the full song is apparently out because 2018 won't stop.
Jabbari Weekes

Hallelujah, Lil B Has Lifted the BasedGod's Curse on Kevin Durant

World peace is now obtainable. Thank you, BasedGod.
Phil Witmer
Deep Ass Questions

Game of Chance: Is Chance the Rapper Protecting LeBron James from the Based God’s Curse?

A metaphysical analysis.
Alex Robert Ross

CURSE UPDATE: Lil B Explains Why Kevin Durant Is Playing so Well (EXCLUSIVE)

"What’s going on is that he’s fighting the curse. He wants to beat the curse."
Kyle Kramer
Deep Ass Questions

Will Lil B Win the NBA Playoffs for the Golden State Warriors? A Statistical Analysis of the Based God's Curse

The Based God's Curse claimed its latest victim last night as James Harden's Houston Rockets were knocked out of the NBA Playoffs. What does it all mean?
Alex Hancock

Whether Producing for P Reign Or Rapping With Kevin Durant, Devontée Is Always Working On Excellence

Meet the hulking rapper who produced for P.Reign and counts a number of NBA players as friends.
Slava Pastuk
OVO Fest 2014

Drake Loses His YMCMB Crutches for the Fifth Annual OVO Fest with Lauryn Hill, Usher, G-Unit, and More

We wanted surprises, and we got plenty of them with the fifth annual OVO festival in Toronto.
Slava Pastuk
Thinkpieces And Shit

Oh No, The Based God's Curse Is Real

Sorry, Kevin Durant, you may be one of the most likable people in sports, but you are now locked in a Lynchian nightmare from which you can’t escape.
Nick Greene
Objectively Correct Lists

An Investigation Into Who Drake Can Convince to Play for the Toronto Raptors

The Beige Gawd has clearly proven that he can lead the Toronto Raptors to victory, but what will he be able to do for the team in the offseason?
Alex Hancock

Lil B's Kevin Durant Diss Track Means the Thunder Aren't Winning the Championship

The Based God's Curse strikes again.
Jeremy Gordon