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Sad News: Justin Bieber Probably Eats His Burritos Like a Normal Human

That viral photo apparently showing a hoodied Bieber chomping into the middle of a burrito was a hoax perpetrated by YouTube pranksters Yes Theory.
Alex Robert Ross
The Greatest Things Of All Time

Justin Bieber Is Walmart Yodel Boy's Biggest Fan and I'm Happy for Them Both

I hope to one day feel the joy that known yodeler Justin Bieber felt watching Mason Ramsey, a.k.a. Yodel Boy, at Coachella.
Phil Witmer
Teen Time!

Is Satan Still Cool? The Teens Speak

The history of Satan's influence in music can be traced from Black Sabbath to Lil Uzi Vert so we asked teens if any of that matters.
Devin Pacholik

blackbear Is Extremely Famous, Even If You Don't Know Who He Is

The prolific songwriter—who co-wrote Justin Bieber's "Boyfriend"—looks to turn his internet fame into a reality. With his upcoming album 'Cybersex' and singles featuring Gucci Mane and 2 Chainz, can he do it?
Rebecca Haithcoat
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Science Says That Psychopaths Really Dig Eminem's "Lose Yourself"

According to an NYU study, if you like Justin Bieber you might be a serial killer but if you like Dire Straits, then you're not.
Phil Witmer
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Marilyn Manson's "KILL4ME" Is Bullshit-Free, Despite the Drama

The latest aggressively-titled song from 'Heaven Upside Down.'
Phil Witmer
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Marilyn Manson Read Out Bieber’s Text Apology on Live Radio

And he did so in a Bieber voice. Damn.
Noisey UK Staff
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Justin Bieber Claims He Made Marilyn Manson Relevant, Manson Calls Him a "Piece of Shit"

The war of the T-shirts has reached its breaking point.
Phil Witmer
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Justin Bieber Unfollowed Floyd Mayweather in the Name of Christ

Jesus v. Mayweather in the match for the fate of humanity.
Phil Witmer
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Justin Bieber's New Song "Friends" Is Not About the TV Show, Still Goes Off

Is Bieber a Chandler or a Joey?
Phil Witmer
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A Quick Timeline of Justin Bieber Rededicating His Life to Jesus

One man, one 'Purpose.'
Phil Witmer
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Justin Bieber Is Banned from China for Causing 'Discontent Among the Public'

He's now not allowed to perform in the People's Republic, according to an official statement.
Lauren O'Neill