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A List of People Who Have Won Ice-T’s Dumbfuck of the Day Award

These poor bastards have all fallen victim to the cold hand of Twitter's merciless sensei.
Dan Ozzi
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Noisey Power Rankings: November 5 - November 9

Lil Jon got snubbed by the dementia President so that's a positive in our book. But Scary Spice goes down because Baby Spice puked in her mouth once.
Noisey Staff
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Noisey Power Rankings: October 22 - 26

Two different guys named Liam had good weeks but we are sad to report that Mygynyn Kyllyy dropped way down.
Noisey Staff
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Is Ice-T Dril? An Exhaustive Investigation

Many have noted that the rapper-turned-actor has a lot in common with the internet poet laureate. Let's examine this further through the power of "Tweets."
Dan Ozzi
Trey Smith
Nice Song, What's It About?

25 Years of Killing Cops with Ice-T

The MC looks back on "Cop Killer," Body Count's controversial hit from the early 90s.
Tim Scott
Expert Witness with Robert Christgau

Ice T Spits Civil War, Matt North Sings Nashville, and Everyone Else Plays Chuck Berry

Robert Christgau, the Dean of American Rock Critics, also takes on a new record from Zeal & Ardor.
Robert Christgau

A Freak Is a Freak, and Egyptian Lover Is an Icon

Ahead of his new anthology, we spoke with the gilded lothario about 808s, the state of DJing, and how he shaped West Coast hip-hop as we know it.
Max Bell
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Voice of Reason, Ice-T, Wants to Murder the New Twitter Hearts

"I used to favorite comments to let y’all know I see them… I WON’T be hitting this HEART… Just sayin."
Dan Ozzi
The Score

Listening Hard: 25 Years of 'Pump Up The Volume'

We spoke to everyone involved in the making of the film that inspired critics and popularized Christian Slater.
Cam Lindsay

Warren G Breaks Down the Stories of Some of His Favorite West Coast Rap Songs

Everyone’s talking about N.W.A., Dr. Dre just put out a new album, and Nate Dogg is singing all over a new EP from Warren G. In honor of it being like the 90s again, we asked Warren G about, well, the 90s.
Kyle Kramer
Objectively Correct Lists

A Brief History of Bill O’Reilly Knowing Dick About Hip-Hop

"I'm a brother, man."
Dan Ozzi

Watch Ice-T and Body Count Give Suicidal Tendencies' "Institutionalized" a Modern Reboot

"I just wanted to sit back in my big chair and play a little Xbox!"
Noisey Staff