In Memoriam

Aretha Franklin, an Unparalleled Singer and American Icon, Dies at 76

The Queen of Soul, whose career spanned six decades, died on Thursday morning.
Alex Robert Ross
New music

Listen to Kanye West's New Song, "Lift Yourself"

On the track, released Friday night, Kanye spouts gibberish, seemingly trolling Ebro Darden.
Alex Robert Ross
New music

Good Lord, This New Zeal & Ardor Song Is So Good

The first single from black metal/gospel project's second album, 'Stranger Fruit,' is brutal, murky, but weirdly inviting.
Alex Robert Ross
New music

Let's Figure Out What the Hell Is Going On in DRAM's "Check Ya Fabrics"

He's teamed up with Rick Rubin for a wacky, psychedelic soul cut that may need an explainer.
Phil Witmer
Expert Witness with Robert Christgau

Robert Christgau on a Wave of American Epics

The Dean of American Rock Critics takes on the 'American Epic' soundtrack, a new Mahalia Jackson collection, a gospel guide, and a jug band blues retrospective.
Robert Christgau

It’s Tough to Be a Chance the Rapper Fan When You’re Not a Christian

How my personal relationship with Christianity made enjoying Chance's big Grammy night a challenge.
Lawrence Burney

From Grime to Guildhall to Nao: How The UK's Originator of Wonky Funk Found Her Voice

From her early years as a teen grime MC, to studying at Guildhall, to a career as a professional beatboxer, Nao has tread many musical paths before arriving where she is today.
Daisy Jones

Heavn Help Us: The Joyful Music of Jamila Woods

Jamila Woods has established herself as one of the most sought-after new voices in music. Now the Chicago singer is making her solo debut with the uplifting new album 'Heavn.'
Tara Mahadevan

The Real Story Behind the Spiritual Black Metal Blues of Zeal and Ardor's 'Devil Is Fine'

You'd never be able to tell by listening that one of the year's most intriguing releases started as a joke.
Kim Kelly

Chance the Rapper Draws His Own Rules with 'Coloring Book'

The Chicago rapper's new mixtape marches to its own beat.
Craig Jenkins

PREMIERE: Watch Algiers' New Video for "Blood"

The new group on Matador deliver a powerful song and video.
Noisey Staff