Important Questions Raised By...

We Asked The 1975 Fans About Their Weirdest Online Relationships

“This girl I work with is always selling pictures of her feet... He likes it when she curls them around other objects.”
Annie Lord
Important Questions Raised By...

Lily Allen Fans Told Us The Most Shameless Thing They've Ever Done

'No Shame' is out now, so we used this opportunity to speak about sex and vomit and more sex.
Annie Lord
Important Questions Raised By...

Dear Anonymous Fan of Pale Waves, Please Explain

We interviewed someone who wouldn't stop talking about the indie four-piece, to try and understand how they got so huge so fast.
Ryan Bassil
Noisey News

A Fan Actually Hung Lorde's 'Melodrama' in the Louvre

Down the back, but who cares? Still the Louvre.
Lauren O'Neill
Fandom Week

Seven Fans Explain How Their Favorite Bands Saved Their Lives

We speak to the fans whose love for a particular artist pushed them back from the brink.
Tom Connick
daily vice

Nickelback Fans Told Us Who Is Their 'Nickelback of Music'

Because Canada Day.
Noisey Canada Staff
Sliding Into Your DMs

Rihanna's Twitter DMs and the Role of the "Relatable" Star

She recently responded to a fan with some advice on heartbreak, but it's not the first time she's been down in the DMs.
Lauren O'Neill
we asked people

What Makes These Guided By Voices Superfans Still Love Robert Pollard After 100 Albums?

A fan convention in London, after the release of the band's double-album 'August by Cake', seemed the perfect place to find out.
Eoin Murray
Deep Ass Questions

What Is the Appeal of Morrissey in 2016?

We headed down to his rare and sold out Manchester show to find out why thousands of music fans still turn out for the guy who calls Nigel Farage and George Galloway “liberal educators.”
Daniel Dylan Wray

Why Has It Taken This Long for Someone to Publish ‘Shit People at Gigs’?

Sick of dealing with shitty and inconsiderate people at music gigs, this illustrator decided to publish a zine about them.
Noisey Staff
the worst things of all time

The Douchebag Singer of The Story So Far Dropkicked a Girl Off Stage Just for Taking a Selfie

The flippancy with which Parker Cannon hurts a young female fan, who is literally funding his excuse to be on stage in the first place, is completely disgusting.
Emma Garland

Are Music Fans Too Greedy for Attention from Their Favorite Artists?

Meet and greets, cruises, camping trips, private concerts; there are more ways than ever to get close to your favorite bands, but shouldn't the music be enough?
Kim Kelly