Noita Confronts Anxiety And Lust On Somber R&B Track "Oxygen"

The Toronto R&B artist talks about the "rainbow" that is Mexican culture and finding her artistic release.
Diyana Noory
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Toronto Takes Over with New Albums by Jazz Cartier, Prime Boys, and Adrian Dey

New releases from some of the GTA’s best rappers are all the civic pride you need.
Noisey Canada Staff
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Vallens Confront Objectification in the Instagram Age on “Occurred”

The dark melodic Toronto band wield even more cinematic power on their upcoming EP, ‘Dimmed In My Display.’
Jill Krajewski

Just John Makes Like Goku and Breaks Out of His Hyperbolic Chamber on 'DON'

Beatsmith Dom Dias and the Scarborough rapper talk the death of artist-producer collaborations and the value of always supporting your community.
Corinne Przybyslawski
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J Hus Holds Nothing Back on His New 'Big Spang' EP

... and in doing so solidifies why he and producer Jae5 are among the kings of the UK's many afrobeats fusion subgenres.
Ryan Bassil
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Casper Skulls Blow Up Capitalism For Their “Caught on a Wire” Performance

The Ontario rockers sing, “I’m a button pusher in a long line of profits” during an Audiotree North session
Devin Pacholik

Faiza Makes R&B About the Audacity of Being a Black Girl

The artist's debut EP 'Audacity' tells stories of infatuation and money-making while melding new-age R&B with the genre’s traditional sensibilities.
Amani Bin Shikhan
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Nadine Coyle's EP 'Nadine' Is Unabashed British Pop

By making new music in Girls Aloud's mould, the group's best vocalist turns in a pretty impressive four tracks.
Lauren O'Neill
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Tiara Thomas Goes On a Head Trip of Self-Discovery on the Soothing "I Need"

The talented R&B artist returns with a new song, debuts her new EP 'Fucking With My Mind,' and how chasing success breeds patience.
Andrea Gambardella
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Lauren Auder’s Powerful, Orchestral Pop Makes Sense Of the World

Hear the first play of 20-year-old artist's track “Choices” off upcoming EP ‘Who Carry's You.’
Daisy Jones
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Liza Will Melt Your Icy Heart With Soulful Track “Here To Stay”

Following up on her 'February 29' EP, the soulful crooner returns with a dreamy slow jam.
Devin Pacholik
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Good News! Childish Gambino's 2011 'EP' Is Finally Available to Stream

The five-track release is now up on all platforms.
Lauren O'Neill