To Hell And Back

There's No Room In Metal for Racists, Abusers, and Bigots

A meditation on enabling oppression, As I Lay Dying, Emperor, and taking accountability for one's own mistakes (plus some sweet new metal tunes).
Kim Kelly
brief histories

A Brief History of the Trill in Heavy Metal

The stylistic embellishment, most commonly used in classical music, has found a second life on a variety of heavy metal albums.
Zach Painter

Out of the Dungeon: In Conversation with Mortiis

We spoke to the true king of dungeon synth about his new remix album, the music business, and that troll mask (stream a track with Merzbow).
Andy Curtis-Brignell
The Greatest Things Of All Time

Norwegian Black Metal Doc 'Blackhearts' Offers Patrons the Chance to Sell Their Souls to Satan

Help fund this globe-spanning black metal documentary by buying one-of-a-kind items from members of Mayhem, Darkthrone, Enslaved, and more.
Noisey Staff

Immortal's Not So Immortal After All: Saying Farewell to One of Black Metal's Finest

Closing the gates to Blashyrkh.
Kim Kelly

Emperor Are Back to Reclaim What Is Theirs

The frontman of the black metal legends speaks.
Jonathan Dick
New music

Ali Love Soundtracks Homicidal Lust with "Emperor" Feat. Kali

In the new video from Ali Love, an unsettling, dreamlike romantic encounter goes all Kill Bill before turning into an actual romantic encounter, followed by a decapitation that will shock you even if you've seen like a hundred decaptiations in your life a