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Never Forget That Eminem Could Beat Your Ass at 'Donkey Kong'

Rap's nerd king was once on a quest to be the best DK player in the world. He got kinda close actually.
Colin Joyce

Eminem Says He's Happy When He's Angry, Which...Makes Sense

The 'Kamikaze' rapper is airing out his grievances in an interview with Sway Calloway.
Kristin Corry

Eminem’s 'Kamikaze' Is a Stale Misfire

The rapper's ninth studio album reveals an Eminem who's frustrated with the narrative, but seems to misunderstand the beast he’s up against if he wants to confront his detractors
Paul Thompson
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Eminem Just Surprise Released A New Album Called 'Kamikaze'

It's the first Eminem album since last year's 'Revival'. Kendrick Lamar and Bon Iver's Justin Vernon are both credited on the album.
Shaad D’Souza
Noisey News

Breaking Down Nicki Minaj’s Absurdly Outrageous Beats 1 Takeover

In typical fashion, the rapper provided blunt, often times ridiculous takes on her new album 'Queen.'
Jabbari Weekes
Kristin Corry
Lawrence Burney
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Listen to Nicki Minaj's New Album, 'Queen,' Right Now

Minaj's fourth studio album was pushed back, then pushed back again, then released early.
Alex Robert Ross

RIP (???) to OVO Fest, Toronto's Number One Source of FOMO

After eight good years, Drake's OVO Fest has come to a quiet end. We think?
Jabbari Weekes

It's Time to Forgive Eminem

It's been a long time since "The Real Slim Shady," but Eminem's headlining set at Coachella reminded us of a better dystopia.
Jeff Weiss
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Eminem Is Still Running with That Jason Voorhees Vibe in New "Framed" Video

Blood, guts, and splatter abound in the latest 'Revival' video.
Phil Witmer
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The Specific Lines from Songs that Give You The Feels

These lyrics and their delivery make us feel good / bad / higher than God.
Noisey UK Staff
Noisey News

Eminem Accuses the NRA of Controlling America in a New Freestyle

Performing at the iHeartRadio Music Awards, Em opened his Kehlani collab "Nowhere Fast" with yet another political screed.
Phil Witmer

50 Cent’s ‘Get Rich or Die Tryin’ Made an Enduring Mark on UK Rap

Or, why so many rising UK rappers I've recently spoken to have mentioned the impact of 50's debut.
Ryan Bassil