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12 Albums to Start Your Obsession With One of Indie Rock’s Weirdest Labels

Though you should probably own their LPs already, Drag City has done you a favor and joined Spotify. Now you can stream records by the Silver Jews, Ty Segall, and more
Colin Joyce
New music

No Age Are Even Buzzier on "Drippy"

The second single from the LA indie band's new album, 'Snares Like a Haircut,' is an effervescent pop song that'll sound great live.
Alex Robert Ross

A Brief and Weird Interview with a Brief and Weird Guy Named Bill Callahan

We caught up with the notoriously recluse songwriter and talked about the color of the sky (blue, duh).
Emily Diamond
Holy Shit

Joanna Newsom Goes Full Medieval Punk on New Single "Leaving the City"

Newsom turns back the clock in a major way on the second single from her upcoming 'Divers.'
Bryn Lovitt

Henry Rollins Talks to Frederick Michael St. Jude on Van Halen, Studio Musicians, and the Lost Classic 'Gang War'

In the conclusion of our series, Henry Rollins talks detail about 'Gang War,' what it takes to be a professional musician, and Van Halen did right.
Henry Rollins

Six Organs of Admittance's Ben Chasny Talks Tonal Fields and His New Album, 'Hexadic'

The psychedelic explorer gets technical on his latest opus.
Ned Raggett

Catching Up with Sun City Girls Alum and Eastern-Inspired Virtuoso Guitarist Sir Richard Bishop

The guitarist discusses the unusual musical circumstances surrounding his upcoming new album, 'The Tangiers Sessions.'
Robert Ham

Get Familiar with Nerftoss' Minimalist Electro-Punk Machinations

Experimental electronic punks Nertfoss have revealed a trippy new video.
Noisey Staff

Dope Body Are Not Lifers: An Interview & Their New Video for "Repo Man"

Catch them on tour too
J.R. Moores
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Watch Ty Segall Get Manipulated in His New Video, Before You Manipulate Him

Manipulate the 'Manipulator' in a new interactive video
Noisey Staff
New music

Purling Hiss Invite You Into Their "Forcefield of Solitude," and You Won't Want to Leave

Get your 'Weirdon' with this exclusive new track
Noisey Staff

We Talk to Squirrel Bait’s David Grubbs About the Only Known Footage of the Band

And it just happens to be them opening for US punk icons in 1985.
Tim Scott