Deep Ass Questions

Deep Ass Questions

Did the Era of The Strokes Set Rock and Roll Back?

Maybe the 2000s give us a rock renaissance or maybe they just gave us a bunch of leather jackets.
Dan Ozzi
Deep Ass Questions

This Is Why You're a Bad Drummer

PMS clumsiness is either a thing or leftover from the days when science tried to justify treating women like freaks for menstruating.
Lara Williams
Deep Ass Questions

Which Is Better: 'Sgt. Pepper’s' or the Chili Peppers?

It's time to settle rock music's greatest debate.
Kyle Kramer
Dan Ozzi
Deep Ass Questions

We Asked Emo Bands to Review Lil Uzi Vert’s “XO Tour Llif3”

"Do you guys ever notice how trap is basically the hip-hop equivalent to emo?"
Devin Pacholik
Deep Ass Questions

Some Theories on the Identity of "Blond Piano," the Figure Behind Those Frank Ocean Piano Covers

It's time for some answers, dammit.
Lauren O'Neill
Deep Ass Questions

Black Flag’s 'Damaged' Is an Iconic Record, so Why Isn’t It More Influential?

Did the iconic band's 1981 debut album push hardcore forward or did its delayed release take a toll?
David Anthony
Deep Ass Questions

Who Is Allowing Empire of the Sun to Keep Happening?

We spoke to the neon-lit masses at their Coachella set to find out.
Andrea Domanick
Deep Ass Questions

Is This Thomas Rhett x Maren Morris Collab Fire or Trash? A Roundtable Discussion

Two of country's ascendent superstars are on a new track together, but what does it mean?
Noisey Staff
Deep Ass Questions

Why Does “Mad World” Played in a Major Key Sound Like a Jolly Dystopian Nightmare?

Guys. Guys I feel weird.
Lauren O'Neill
Woah, Dude!

Duuuude, Do You Think Drake Doesn’t Know How to Handle His Weed?

The third time he has a show in Amsterdam – *puffs* – he cancels a show in Amsterdam.
Ryan Bassil
Deep Ass Questions

Why Do We Look Down on Pop Stars Who Don't Write Their Own Songs?

The art of curation can impact storytelling just as much as songwriting – but why does it pick up less respect?
Alim Kheraj
Deep Ass Questions

An Interview with Actual Galway Girls About *That* Ed Sheeran Song

Pouring one out for the ladies of Galway, subject of some of music's worst songs.
Matthew Francey