Art de vivre

I attended the last Warped Tour to mourn my teen festival

With the most important catalyst for the scene’s industry gone, what does the future hold for the bands and kids that make it up?
Billy Eff
Expert Witness with Robert Christgau

Rap’s Early 2017 Victory: Robert Christgau on Kendrick Lamar, Migos, and Future

It would be silly to deny how good this music sounds.
Robert Christgau
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

The Migos Look Very Elegant in Their "Get Right Witcha" Video

Watch the Atlanta trio's latest video from 'C U L T U R E.'
Lawrence Burney

If You Were Disappointed By Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl Halftime Show, Blame Yourself

Gaga had plenty of expectations to live up to for her performance, but she didn't deliver the big political statement viewers may have hoped she would.
Larry Fitzmaurice
Internet Exploring

Someone Made a Handy Visualizer for Every Single Ad-lib on Migos' 'Culture'

Just in case you didn't get them the first time around.
Phil Witmer
New music

Migos Release Trap Power Ballad "What the Price"

Move over, Guns N' Roses.
Phil Witmer
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Migos Brought "Bad and Boujee" to Jimmy Kimmel Live

For the culture.
Lauren O'Neill
Internet Exploring

Here's Donald Glover Partying to "Bad and Boujee," His Favourite Sex Song, at the Golden Globes Afterparty

A huge moment for the 'Culture,' as it were.
Phil Witmer
Holy Shit

Migos' Video for "T-Shirt" Should Be a Nominee for Best Picture at the Oscars

Quavo for Best Director.
Phil Witmer
Noisey News

Migos Reveal Release Date for Their Sophomore Album, 'Culture'

The album is set to arrive on January 27
Noisey Staff
Rank Your Records

Rank Your Records: George Pettit Scrupulously Rates Alexisonfire’s Six Records

A look back through the catalog of Canada's definitely-not-broken-up hardcore heroes.
Cam Lindsay

Ty Dolla $ign Is America's Greatest Hope

The LA singer has the best gig in music, and he's on a campaign to prove it.
Kyle Kramer