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We Asked Emo Bands to Review Lil Uzi Vert’s “XO Tour Llif3”

"Do you guys ever notice how trap is basically the hip-hop equivalent to emo?"
Devin Pacholik

The Best Places to Cry at SXSW

The only guide you need for music's biggest week.
Allie Volpe
The Noisey Guide to

Here's How Long It Will Take You Not To Cry at Your Most Painful Break Up Songs

The song you used to bang to? Yeah, that's gonna need two years minimum.
Nell Frizzell
The Noisey Guide to

The Noisey Guide to Roy Orbison, Pop's Original Sad Boy

School up on the first male pop singer to create a persona that reveled in heartache and sadness.
Bryn Lovitt
Longreads Or Whatever

It's Time To Start Taking Justin Bieber Seriously

Justin Bieber's rise through international hate and personal struggle has been majestic.
Ryan Bassil
Holy Shit

Just in Time for Your Morning Cry, Majical Cloudz Return with "Silver Car Crash"

The Montreal duo's sophomore record 'Are You Alone?' is out October 16 on Matador.
John Hill
Holy Shit

Oh Baby, Let's Stream Tobias Jesso Jr.'s 'Goon' a Week Before Its Release

The record is out March 17 via True Panther.
Eric Sundermann
Holy Shit

Tobias Jesso Jr. Releases "Without You" Because It's Snowing

Winter is endless, without you.
Eric Sundermann

Check Out the New Album from Crying and Be Hella Happy

Like Super Nintendo in band form.
John Hill
Holy Shit

Stevie Nicks Delivers "Mabel Normand," Another New Track from '24 Karat Gold: Sounds from the Vault'

We love you, Stevie.
Eric Sundermann
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The Best Tweets About Crying Because Justin Bieber Retired

Apparently people really like this guy.
Eric Sundermann