Coeur de Pirate


Coeur de Pirate’s Therapeutic Release from Her Ghosts

The Montreal singer talks about her fourth record, 'en cas de tempete, ce jardin sera fermé,' the #MeToo movement, and overcoming her trauma.
Sarah MacDonald
I'm Afraid of Everyone

Coeur de Pirate on Breaking the Cycle of Alcoholism

"If I had a rough day, I'd have a drink. If I had a social function, or worse, an awards ceremony to attend? I'd definitely have a drink."
Béatrice Martin
I'm Afraid of Everyone

Coeur de Pirate on How to Fail at and Fall in Love

For her latest column, Béatrice Martin opens up about her struggles with dating, why love sometimes sucks, and how she coped with it all while dealing with anxiety.
Béatrice Martin
I'm Afraid of Everyone

Coping With The Grim Anxieties of Tour Life: I'm Afraid of Everyone with Cœur de Pirate

Béatrice Martin tackles the difficulty of touring with social anxieties and how it almost destroyed her.
Béatrice Martin
I'm Afraid of Everyone

Introducing I'm Afraid of Everyone, a New Column by Béatrice Martin of Coeur de Pirate

Béatrice Martin will explore her struggles with anxiety on a myriad of topics, including music, parenting, and coming out.
Béatrice Martin

Daily Vice: Laura Jane Grace of Against Me! Hits a Dab—No, Not That One

The punk singer also (sort of) talks about her relationship with Beatrice Martin from Coeur de Pirate.
Noisey Canada Staff

"I Can No Longer Be Scared of What People Think": Coeur de Pirate Takes Personal Stand on Orlando Shootings

The Montreal singer-songwriter shares her story for the first time in an open letter on Noisey.

Au Revoir: Do Montreal Musicians Need to Leave to Be Successful?

We took three questions and asked them to every significant artist in Montreal.
Sean Carlin
Holy Shit

Get Lost With Cœur de Pirate and Allan Kingdom's Video for "I Don't Want to Break Your Heart"

Did you know Allan Kingdom is Canadian? That explains where all the talent comes from.
Slava Pastuk

A Conversation with Cœur de Pirate on Beyonce and 'Empire'

What else were we gonna do, take her on a boat?
Slava Pastuk

PREMIERE: Cœur de Pirate - "Undone"

The Montreal singer swaps French for English and 60s yé-yé for clean, (Scandi) pop curves on her shiny new LP.
Kim Taylor Bennett
Play Lit

Kah-nah-dah Katchup: April 2015

Introducing the Kah-nah-dah Katchup playlist where we curate all the stuff you've missed by not reading Noisey every day.
Jabbari Weekes