CL Takes NYC in Her Video for "Lifted"

The 2NE1 singer continues to strike out on her own with this big brash Big Apple video. Shouts out to Method Man and brown bagged 40s.
Kim Taylor Bennett

2015 Was Korean Rap's Breakthrough Year

If 2014 was the year the underground Korean rap scene captured mainstream attention, 2015 was the year it grew so big that even the Pacific Ocean couldn’t contain it.
Madeleine Lee

Watch CL's Insane Video for New Solo Song "Hello Bitches"

CL is a symbol of the global pop golden age to come. We talk to the Seoul-born superstar about her upcoming solo LP. Hello bitches indeed.
Jakob Dorof
Important Questions Raised By...

What the Hell Is Going on in CL, Diplo, Riff Raff & OG Maco's "Doctor Pepper" Video?

Dinosaurs, ghosts, glitter bombs, and Pikachu!?
Craig Jenkins
Holy Shit

Pop Off with CL, Diplo, Riff Raff, and OG Maco in "Doctor Pepper"

23 flavors of dopeness.
John Hill
Deep Ass Questions

Who Is CL and Why Is She Leading the Vote for the Time 100?

The breakout star of K-pop sensations of 2NE1 is dominating a reader poll of the world's most influential people, and you may be hearing a lot more of her name in the year ahead.
Madeleine Lee
2014 in Review

How YG Entertainment Owned K-Pop and Crushed 2014

While the competition floundered, the Korean label-turned-conglomerate made it tough to count all the ways they got it right. We talk to YG Entertainment's flagship stars.

This Month in K-Pop: Filicide, Sex, Skrillex, and Charity

Our monthly roundup of the best tunes and wildest news from the Land of the Rising Sun.