Chad VanGaalen


Chad VanGaalen Is the Jim Henson of Acid Dreamlike Creations

"Listening to my own voice makes me feel horrible. So the less I have to do it the better."
Cam Lindsay
Objectively Correct Lists

A Completely Biased Ranking of the 60 Best Canadian Indie Rock Songs of the 00s Part I

Canadian music is probably at its best ever right now. So why not rank the golden peak of the yesteryear?
Cam Lindsay

PREMIERE: Stream Chad VanGaalen and Seth Smith’s Dark Electro Nightmare 'Seed of Dorzon'

It's a great way for a couple of hermit dads to make music without leaving the house.
Adria Young
Behind The Lens

Inside Chad Vangaalen's Cosmic Video for Shabazz Palaces' "Forerunner Foray"

This video features Magic Johnson riding a slice of pizza into space, among other surreal visuals, so we talked to the artist behind it all.
Emerson Rosenthal
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Here's a Video of Chad VanGaalen Getting Climbed Like a Jungle Gym on Late Show With David Letterman

"There's Mark and Chad from Canada" - David Letterman, after seeing greatness.
Noisey Canada Staff

Viet Cong's Matt Flegel Finds Humour in Nihilism For Their Debut Album

Calgary's very own Viet Cong discuss finding humour in nihilism and their upcoming 'Self-Titled' album.
Max Mertens

Unexpected Live Moments: Catching Shark Attack Play SappyFest

We didn't think that we'd be seeing Arcade Fire when we filed into that field, but the best surprises are unexpected.
Adria Young
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The Top 50 Canadian Funded Music Videos

Here are the 50 best music videos that were, directly or indirectly, funded by thee almighty Canada .
Jabbari Weekes

Retrospective Reviews: Chad VanGaalen's 'Skelliconnection'

Calgary's renaissance dad and his 2006 effortless album.
Eric Séguin