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Grizzly Bear's "Mourning Sound" Video Has Butt-Drumming and Nipple Lasers

Clip of the year?
Phil Witmer
Internet Exploring

Minor Threat's Facebook Page Is Full Of Soft Porn

Is it a social experiment? Or does Ian MacKaye just really love butts?
Emma Garland
Internet Exploring

Oooh Cheeky! This Song About Fingering Someone's Butt Puts the “Ass” in “Classy”

“My finger’s getting kinda cold, I need a place to put it.”
Buns Applebottom
Holy Shit

Zoë Kravitz and Miley Cyrus Party in a Hotel Room in Lolawolf's Video for "Bitch"

Remember when we said we heard they were shooting this in a hotel room at SXSW? Turns out we were right!
Kim Taylor Bennett

Before We Leave Every Disastrous Music Moment in 2014 Behind, Let’s Relive Them One More Time

From 50 Cent’s baseball pitch to every decision Justin Bieber made, here are some of dumbest things to happen this year.
Joe Zadeh
Ryan Bassil
Emma Garland
Thinkpieces And Shit

The Nominations for the BBC Music Awards Reveal How Male-Dominated the UK Music Industry Has Become

Will Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith whinge us all into an early cultural grave?
Emma Garland
Thinkpieces And Shit

How Did Meghan Trainor Become A Thing?

Behind every great butt is a great PR strategy
Emma Garland
Style Stage

In Defense of Boobs: In Search Of The Neglected Body Part

Beyoncé's vision of the future in which an anally fixated dystopia arose out of the ashes of Britney and Xtina’s boring old midriffs has arrived.
Kat George
Deep Ass Questions

How Big of a Dick Are We Talking on "Anaconda," Anyway?

If Michael, who used to ride motorcycles, had a dick bigger than a tower and we're not talking Eiffels, where does that leave us, Nicki Minaj?
Kyle Kramer

All Your B/Ass Are Belong to Us

Megan Trainor, Nicki Minaj, and when bass and butts go hand in hand.
Robin James

Lil Jon Commands You to #bendova, Explains the Difference Between "Turnt" and "Crunk"

The Master of Crunk likes watching asses bounce of yoga balls so much that he's considering taking it up himself.
Skinny Friedman
Coachella 2014

Ten Things Emmy The Great Learned at Coachella

English singer Emmy The Great popped her Coachella cherry this year so we made her write about it. Turns out she learned a lot of stuff about nudity, bros, FOMO, and more.
Emma-Lee Moss